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September 12th 2020

During the General-Assembly the GIG awarded Mario Schlapke the GIG-Ehrenpreis. The GIG honores Mario Schlapke for his efforts in the field of digitization of publiccollections and coin-hoards.

September 12th 2020

The genereal-assembly will take place September 12th2020 10 o'clock at the Historisches Museum in Frankfurt.

Geldgeschichtliche Nachrichten

The Geldgeschichtlichen Nachrichten are plubiched every two month. The articles of international numismatics cove all branches of coin- and monetary-history. Additionally to the scientific articles, the GN reports on expositions, conferences, auctions als numismatic courses.



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Since 1974 the GIG-Ehrenpreise (Honory prizes) are granted annually. The Prize carries a value of 500€.

  Honoree 2020
  Dr. Mario Schlapke (Weimar, Germany)

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